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Air Force Enlisted Promotion Percentages






Writing May 10, 2018
Retirement, Scripts May 10, 2018
Disciplinary, Supervisory May 10, 2018
EPR Tools, Promotion August 24, 2018
Administration, Mentoring June 20, 2018
Administration December 29, 2017
EPR Tools, Supervisory September 19, 2017
Finance May 25, 2017
Finance March 3, 2017
EPR Tools, Writing February 8, 2017
Supervisory January 30, 2017
Feedback May 20, 2016
EPR Tools May 11, 2016
EPR Tools, Supervisory May 9, 2016
Mentoring, Promotion July 20, 2017
Finance February 8, 2018
Awards, Supervisory February 4, 2016
Finance February 22, 2018
Promotion July 20, 2017
Promotion May 24, 2018
Writing January 12, 2016
Promotion August 24, 2018

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  • Final Pay and TSP January 23, 2019
    I only have one active paycheck remaining, and being that it's final pay, I'm guessing I won't get it until around mid-February. With it being the last pay I'll get until my retirement check kicks in, I figured I'd change my TSP allocation from 15 to 5% to give myself a bit extra. When I […]
  • Vape in Qatar January 23, 2019
    My son likes to use the Juul type vape pens. His were taken away as he enter the country because he had his stuff in his bag, not on his person. Can we send a new vape pen and the inserts to him without any problem or do we need to pack them a particular […]
  • Looking for and old “law of the jungle” rank structure. Anyone remember it? Read text for better description. January 23, 2019
    So there was a “laws of the jungle” where it compared ranks to animals of the jungle and how many of the “animals” it took to take down the next “animal”. Airmen were dung beetles, LtCols were lions. SMSgts were hyenas and Lts were like zebras or something. It said something like the hyenas just […]

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