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Air Force Enlisted Promotion Percentages






Writing May 10, 2018
Retirement, Scripts May 10, 2018
Disciplinary, Supervisory May 10, 2018
EPR Tools, Promotion August 24, 2018
Administration, Mentoring June 20, 2018
Administration December 29, 2017
EPR Tools, Supervisory September 19, 2017
Finance May 25, 2017
Finance March 3, 2017
EPR Tools, Writing February 8, 2017
Supervisory January 30, 2017
Feedback May 20, 2016
EPR Tools May 11, 2016
EPR Tools, Supervisory May 9, 2016
Mentoring, Promotion July 20, 2017
Finance February 8, 2018
Awards, Supervisory February 4, 2016
Finance February 22, 2018
Promotion July 20, 2017
Promotion May 24, 2018
Writing January 12, 2016
Promotion August 24, 2018

News Around the Air Force


  • B-21 Raider program holds weapons system critical design review December 10, 2018
    The Air Force successfully held a critical design review of the B-21 weapon system November 28-30, 2018. The event served as a multi-disciplined technical review that ensured the Air Force’s newest bomber has a stable and mature design as the program moves forward into manufacturing and flight test.
  • Air Force proposes to base F-35s at Tyndall, supplemental funds needed to build advanced fighter base December 7, 2018
    Following the damage to Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, caused by Hurricane Michael, the Air Force is recommending that Congress use supplemental funding for rebuilding the base to prepare to receive the F-35 Lightning II fighter at the north Florida installation.
  • AF Week in Photos December 7, 2018
    This week's photos feature Airmen from around the globe involved in activities supporting expeditionary operations and defending America. This weekly feature showcases the men and women of the Air Force.

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    So I'm a 1-striper. I know boo, one stripers suck. Anyway I am an intelligence analyst and I got a bunch of credits for my CCAF because my Tech school was a year long. I have completed all of my follow on training and my CDCs. I have recently taken 7 cleps and passed them […]
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