Do you have a MAC version?

Nope, according to my analytics, 93% of visitors are using Windows as their OS. This is largely due to many people cruising the page while at work. It’s hard enough to keep up with all the updates and changes with a Windows version of Excel let alone another version in MAC. If you are a MAC user and a good developer, I’d be happy to host your file if you can create something in MAC.

Are TIS/TIG points included?

Yes, TIS/TIG points are included according to the latest updates from the Air Force. The 2015 cycle brought a 1/3 reduction in TIS/TIG points and another 1/3 decrease came in the 2016 cycle. So overall, there is a 2/3 drop in your TIS/TIG points for WAPS score calculation. I’ve run several scenarios and they’ve all checked out but if you truly feel your TIS/TIG points are incorrect please contact me with your stats (TAFMS and DOR).

What happened to all the calculators?

My website was recently hacked and they did some significant damage. Due to this, I had to completely dump my entire root structure and rebuild it from scratch. The site is based on WordPress so I had to rebuild all the pages and design the front page. Instead of reloading all the calculators, I’ve decided to load them as a I update them. Quite a few of the calculators haven’t been updated in a few years and others are obsolete. As each calculator gets updated (and as I find the time), I’ll bring them back to the website.

Why don't you have an app?

11223313_10153799082168478_3800331689611907109_nI don’t have the time. Back when I first started tinkering around with building the many different calculators, I was a DINK (Dual Income, No Kids) and a SSgt with no one to supervise and no shop to lead. Fast forward to today, I’ve got a beautiful little girl that I love to pieces and I’m a MSgt in charge of a decent sized flight. Any time I have after work I just want to spend with my family. Maybe after I retire I’ll start looking at the app side of things.