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Air Force Enlisted Promotion Percentages






Disciplinary, Supervisory May 10, 2018
EPR Tools, Supervisory September 19, 2017
Supervisory January 30, 2017
EPR Tools, Supervisory May 9, 2016
Awards, Supervisory February 4, 2016

News Around the Air Force


  • World War II laborer champions ‘Rosie the Riveter’ legacy at Pentagon, Capitol Hill March 21, 2019
    When it comes to symbolizing the influx of women in the workforce and the wave of patriotism and feminism that surge sparked during World War II, few American icons are more recognizable than “Rosie the Riveter.” Artist J. Howard Miller’s 1942 poster, featuring a bandanna-donning, blue-collared woman with the famed flex beneath the rally cry, […]
  • Air Force Tech Report: Seeing the future in 20/20 March 21, 2019
    Sharp eyesight is key to an Airman’s readiness to fly, fight and win. Using state of the art medical technology, the War Fighter Eye Center at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, ensures readiness, enhancing healthy vision and offering cutting edge techniques for better eyesight.
  • Offutt AFB battling flood waters March 18, 2019
    Like large portions of Nebraska, Offutt Air Force Base personnel are battling flood waters which started to creep onto the installation March 15.

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