2018 WAPS Promotion Calculator

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2018 WAPS Promotion Calculator

NCO WAPS Calculator

The NCO WAPS Calculator is a tool to estimate what you will need to score on your PDG and SKT. Please understand this is not an accurate assessment of what you need to score, it's only as reliable as the previous years cutoff scores...and cutoff scores change year to year. No one can predict what the upcoming cutoff score is because you, the test taker, set the cutoff score.

The NCO Calculator does more than just gives you an estimate on your PDG/SKT. It tells you if you are eligible to test, how many years you have in the service, grade, and how many test cycles you have remaining before HYT. It also calculates your EPR points based on a Promote Now, Must Promote, Promote, Not Ready Now, or Do Not Promote.

If you are interested in stats, you'll also be able to see how your AFSC compares to the Air Force in regards to the Enlisted Forced Distribution Panel.

Another great feature is the pay raise calculator. Here, you will be able to see how much of a raise you'll receive if you are selected for promotion to the next rank.

In the far right, be sure to use the drop-down options to choose among the different variables and see how you stack up.

SNCO WAPS Calculator

Much like the NCO Calculator, the SNCO Calculator allows you to see what you'll need to score on your supervisory exam based on the previous years cutoff score.

A key difference between the two is the SNCO Calculator charts your AFSC board score. You will be able to see the board score range among AFSC Selects, AFSC Non-Selects, Air Force Selects, and Air Force Non-Selects. The Board Score Calculator allows you to either have a quick pick or scored by a board member (6.0 - 10).

Promotion Recommendation Averages

This sheet tab allows SSgt's - MSgt's to see how many Promote Now, Must Promote, and Promotes were selected for their AFSC. It's further broken down into percentages and plotted in a pie chart.

Promotion Percentages

Also available for the SNCO WAPS calc is a chart that shows the last cycle’s board score stats. You will be able to view either the Air Force’s or your AFSC’s Selects or Non-selects. This just gives you a guide what your career field and the Air Force averages in terms of board scores. For a more in-depth look at the SNCO Board Scores, check out the SNCO Board Score Calculator.

The promotion chart is a cool way to see the trend line of promotion percentages over the years. The chart goes all the way back to 1980 to present. Simply select the rank you want to view and use the scroll bars to narrow or expand the years to chart. Next to each year will be the percentage of the selects for that year. Note: for SSgts, WAPS testing was completed twice a year up to 1992 and again in 1995. The bar graph shows the average between the two.

Promotion Timeline

One of the latest additions to the WAPS Calculator is the promotion timeline chart. This works sort of like a Gantt chart and plots your dates down as a horizontal chart line. To get started, first choose between Air Force of AFSC. This will use the stats from either the Air Force averages or your AFSC of choosing averages to get promoted. Next, select a rank you are now. This really doesn’t matter too much, all it does is sets up the next drop down, the AFSC selection. Whatever AFSC you currently are in should be what you select, unless you want to use an old AFSC you use to belong to.

The increment level is how many months apart you want to chart. A 1 means every month. A 12 means every year. It is best to use an increment of 3 or 4 to get a decent view of the timeline. For the TAFMSD, select the date you entered boot camp. For the retire section, simply enter how many years you think you will retire at.

Now, to set up the timeline, simply enter the dates you sewed on each rank. Alternatively, you could put dates you expect to sew on. The light colored bar represents you and the dark blue bar represents the Air Force or AFSC. If the light blue bar is ahead of the dark one, you are ahead of your peers. If it extends beyond the dark blue bar, you are falling behind your peers. Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the page if you need to view more years.

Air Force Medals

The next area of interest is the Medals sheet. This will allow you to select all the medals you currently have in your vMPF and a tally will total at the top of the sheet. Only medals worth points have been added. If you have more than one medal, simply select how many devices you have and the total will update. Remember, your medal points will max out at 25 points for WAPS testing.

Air Force Finance

And finally, the finance sheet. Here you will be able to subtotal your pay with a variety of different options. If an option is not available you can enter it in the extra field at the bottom. Also, contact me and I’ll have it added. The BAH/OHA and COLA rates can be found by clicking on the links provided. I did not include these values because the data tables are pretty large and it would add considerable size to the spreadsheet.

In the second box, you will be able to see how much of a raise you could get by selecting different ranks. Additionally, there is an SRB Calculator to find out how much your bonus might be. You will need to know what your multiple is before continuing with this area. Finally, you can view previous years pay rates by selecting a year from the drop-down box.

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