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2018 WAPS Promotion Calculator

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The 2018 WAPS Promotion Calculator has been updated. Please report any bugs to me so I can fix it.

Welcome to the WAPS Calculator for SSgt, TSgt and MSgt. Here you find a ton of features packed in just one tab of this calculator. At the very top left you will be able to immediately see if you are eligible to test for the given rank you selected. If you are not able to test, the box will change red and give you a reason – either TIS, TIG or both. If the box is green, you are eligible to test.

To use the calculator, simply select the rank you are testing for. Then choose the cycle (or most commonly known as the year) you will be testing in.

The next sections is important in determining how much Time in Service (TIS) and Time in Grade (TIG) you have. These will automatically calculate and appear in the far right box under ‘You’.

When selecting an AFSC, select an AFSC you will be testing under. You will be allowed to enter your estimated cutoff score or automatically pull last years cutoff score from that AFSC. Remember, Cutoff scores are only a gauge and are not set hard in stone until the actual results are out for that cycle. For an average look at your AFSC’s cutoff score, be sure to check out the Historical Cutoff Score Calculator.

The EPR’s section is quick and easy. If you have all 5′s, simply check the box and a 135 tally will automatically calculate for you. Otherwise, enter all your EPRs from the newest to the oldest not to exceed 10.

The medal points have been altered from the previous versions you may be use to. Previously the calculator allowed you to pull the name of the medal and how many devices you had. In order to tally up all your medal points, you had to pull down quite a bit of drop downs (if you had a lot of medal points). Or, what I found most people were doing, was simply selecting the Achievement Medal and adding the number of devices to equal the number of points they had. So this version makes things easier and just allows you to plop your point values in. If you don’t know how many points you have, simply click the ‘Medal Points’ link and you will be able to tally up all your medal points.

Scoring. The blue box will show what you need to score on your PDG and SKT based on the values you have supplied. If you are PDG only, then double this score. This is what you need to score on PDG and SKT. PDG only is simply doubled. You will also be allowed to enter a what if score to see what you will need to score on the other test.

The payraise table is based on what you selected as the rank you are testing for. The paytable is as current as the finance sheet.

Another cool feature you will be able to check is your stats compared to the Air Force or your AFSC. You can also check it across Eligibles, Selects, and Non-Selects. Simply click the drop down box and choose which stat you want to compare yourself against. Everything under “You” is obviously your stats and the next column is the stats of what you selected. This is a good way to compare yourself to your peers. Be sure to put your birthday in as well.

SNCO WAPS Calculator

The Senior NCO WAPS Calculator is set up a tad bit differently due to the different criteria used for WAPS testing. The board score section will allow you to choose a quick pick board score or for you to enter your own. Whichever is the largest is what gets calculated. Remember, board scores cannot be greater than a one point spread from each other. For example, if the first member gives a 7, the second gives a 7.5, the third has to be from a 6.5 to an 8.


Promotion Percentages

Also available for the SNCO WAPS calc is a chart that shows the last cycle’s board score stats. You will be able to view either the Air Force’s or your AFSC’s Selects or Non-selects. This just gives you a guide what your career field and the Air Force averages in terms of board scores. For a more in depth look at the SNCO Board Scores, check out the SNCO Board Score Calculator.

The promotion chart is a cool way to see the trend line of promotion percentages over the years. The chart goes all the way back to 1980 to present. Simply select the rank you want to view and use the scroll bars to narrow or expand the years to chart. Next to each year will be the percentage of the selects for that year. Note: for SSgts, WAPS testing was completed twice a year up to 1992 and again in 1995. The bar graph shows the average between the two.

Cutoff Range

The Cutoff Range tab was created entirely by CMSgt Chuck Frizzell. He was gracious enough to share this useful tool and have it added to the WAPS Calculator. Simply enter your information and a graph will show how you will need to score on the supervisory exam based on the board scores. For any questions related to this part of the calculator, please contact him.

Promotion Timeline

One of the latest additions to the WAPS Calculator is the promotion timeline chart. This works sort of like a gantt chart and plots your dates down as a horizontal chart line. To get started, first choose between Air Force of AFSC. This will use the stats from either the Air Force averages or your AFSC of choosing averages to get promoted. Next, select a rank you are now. This really doesn’t matter too much, all it does is sets up the next drop down, the AFSC selection. Whatever AFSC you currently are in should be what you select, unless you want to use an old AFSC you use to belong to.

The increment level is how many months apart you want to chart. A 1 means every month. A 12 means every year. It is best to use a increment of 3 or 4 to get a decent view of the timeline. For the TAFMSD, select the date you entered boot camp. For the retire section, simply enter how many years you think you will retire at.

Now, to set up the timeline, simply enter the dates you sewed on each rank. Alternatively you could put dates you expect to sew on. The light colored bar represents you and the dark blue bar represents the Air Force or AFSC. If the light blue bar is ahead of the dark one, you are ahead of your peers. If it extends beyond the dark blue bar, you are falling behind your peers. Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the page if you need to view more years.

All Stats

For all you stat junkies, here is a way to get a quick snapshot of all kinds of stats viewing one rank. Simply select the rank you want to view the stats for and choose Selects, Non-Selects or All Eligibles. The stats for each area will display in a horizontal bar graph with the latest years on top. If your cycle has already released its stats and is not updated, don’t worry it will. I usually update these stats once the years cycle is closed out.

Air Force Medals

The next area of interest is the Medals sheet. This will allow you to select all the medals you currently have in your vMPF and a tally will total at the top of the sheet. Only medals worth points have been added. If you have more than one medal, simply select how many devices you have and the total will update. Remember, your medal points will max out at 25 points for WAPS testing.

Air Force Finance

And finally, the finance sheet. Here you will be able to subtotal your pay with a variety of different options. If an option is not available you can enter it in the extra field at the bottom. Also, contact me and I’ll have it added. The BAH/OHA and COLA rates can be found by clicking on the links provided. I did not include these values because the data tables are pretty large and it would add considerable size to the spreadsheet.

In the second box you will be able to see how much of a raise you could get by selecting different ranks. Additionally, there is a SRB Calculator to find out how much your bonus might be. You will need to know what your multiple is before continuing with this area. Finally you can view previous years pay rates by selecting a year from the drop down box.


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