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Bullet Writer Database

I stumbled upon this on Reddit with user /Profounity and asked if he was cool to host it here and he agreed. Below is a description of what this nifty tool can do for you.

Brief rundown of its uses:

  • Small list of verbs/adverbs in the top left pulled from the tongue and quill, kind of just a leftover from my original design, almost never sees use
  • Some work-in-progress database sections in the top right, pretty much the same as the verb/adverb list
  • Simulated Bullet section for tweaking words: includes a small text box that has the thin space character in it by default for copy/pasting; Thinnify button will replace ALL normal-space in the Simulated Bullet box with thin space; Embiggerate button will replace ALL thin spaces with normal spaces.
  • Actual Bullet section: I managed to strip one of the comment sections out of an EPR and load it into the database. This requires a separate PDF file to be viewed in a web browser object in Access. That makes it a little finicky to set up, but it's nice to be able to double-check your spacing.
  • Search box: Bottom section has a little search bar to go through all the acronyms. I hated trying to guess an abbreviation or getting a thousand results by searching a word. The top box only shows words/abbreciations that exactly match what you typed, while the bottom box is any string of words that might possibly contain your query -- good for finding tangentially-related abbreviations.

If the PDF preview doesn't show up (since it's still linked to my personal folder), do the following:

  • Once you're in the main section, click the "Design View" button up in the top left of Access
  • If the Properties pane doesn't show up on the right side of the window, right click on the Preview EPR box, then click Properties. If it does show up, just click on the Preview EPR box.
  • In the properties pane, click Data
  • In the Data tab, click the button with the "..." in the "Control Source" field
  • Change the directory to wherever you extracted the .zip files + the name of the file. Don't forget the quotes around the directory.
  • Click Form View in the top left of Access to go back to normal.

If you have a different set of abbreviations, as long as you have an excel file with them listed, it's as easy as going to the External Data tab, clicking Excel in the Import section, and overwriting the current "Acronyms & Abbreviations" table.

If there are any issues or problems with the database, send me a message and/or leave a comment and I'll try to tweak it until it works.

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