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Historical Pay Calculator

The historical pay calculator allows you to view military pay scales for different ranks from 1993 to present. There are several ways this calculator is unique vs the standard pay calculator you will find inside the WAPS Calculator or other military pay calculators.

The first section allows you to pick a rank and a time in service. It quickly plots pay scales starting in 1993 to the most recent pay scale. There are different columns such as Raise, % and inflation that shows the corresponding values associated with that year.

The next block allows you to view the difference in pay between ranks and time in service from two years of your choosing. One good example of how to use this section is if you had TSgt on from 2008 to 2013, you could see how much of a pay increase you had over the years. Or, if you came in the Air Force as a E-1 in 1997 and you are a MSgt in 2013, you could see the pay difference between your rank in 1997 to today.

The last block allows you to plot what you have made over the years with your ranks. Simply choose what status you are (O, Prior E, E) and enter your TAFMS. Then for each rank, choose the year you made it in. The pay blocks to the right will plot what you made at the beginning of those years.

If you have any suggestions on how to make this better, please let me know.

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