Line Number Calculator

Line Number Calculator

Line Number Calculator

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Line Number Calculator by David Vasser

The line number calculator is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is select the rank you have a line number for, enter the total number of selects and enter your line number. After that it's up to you to keep entering the monthly increments to gauge when you'll put your next stripe on.

The steady column is taking the total number of selects divided by 12 months. By no means does the Air Force go by this rule, it's just a average way of looking at a steady rate of promotion per month. The actual column is all up to you to update. Here you will match what is listed on the AF Portal. Everything else should be self explanatory.

The next sheet is where you can track average line numbers over the cycles. This will give a close idea of how the Air Force does with promotions for each month. This sheet is mostly optional and up to the user to update each month.


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