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SNCO Board Score Grouping Calculator

The SNCO Board Score Grouping Calculator allows you to view your AFSC grouping in a much easier to read format. By plugging in your AFSC, the table formats to show your AFSC and the max/min board score. There is also a chart included that will show how many people received a certain board score. Additionally, you can view the overall Air Force and your overall AFSC board scores on a smaller chart.

NOTE: The Board Score Breakdown section is an estimation. Board member scores could fluctuate half a point either way, giving you the same board score. This only serves as the best guestimate of what each board member scored you at.

The SNCO Board Score Calculator is missing some cycles for E9. If you happen to have the raw data (text, pdf or Excel) please send to me and I will make sure to include it in the calculator.

The historical grouping (pictured below) allows you to see how your AFSC has boarded members over the years. Remember, it's not always about the board score number, rather it's where you placed in your grouping. A board score of 345 got people promoted in 2006, 2007 and 2011 but in other years the lowest selected was a 397.5. Focus on your placement in your grouping. If you are riding the coat tails of selects, you are on the right track for promotion. However, if you are on the far right of the scale, you've got some work to do.

At the end of the day, focus on what you can control - testing.



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