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SRB Calculator


The Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB) program is a monetary incentive paid to Airmen serving in certain selected critical military skills who reenlist for additional obligated service. The bonus is intended to encourage the reenlistment of sufficient numbers of qualified enlisted personnel in military skills with either demonstrated retention shortfalls or high training costs. Airmen can expect to serve in the SRB specialty for the entire enlistment for which the bonus was paid. Airmen do not qualify for the SRB if they reenlist or extend their enlistments for any purpose other than continued active service in the SRB skill.

Airmen in SRB skills who reenlist or extend their enlistment in the Regular Air Force (RegAF) for at least three years are eligible for an SRB provided they meet all criteria listed in AFI 36-2606, Reenlistment in the United States Air Force, Chapter 4.

SRB designations are further broken down by Zones, which are determined by the Total Active Federal Military Service (TAFMS) of Airmen at the time of reenlistment or date they enter the extension. Eligible Airmen may receive an SRB in each zone, but only one SRB per zone. SRB eligibility zones are:

  • Zone A is between 17 months and 6 years, 00 months and 00 days of service
  • Zone B is between 6 and 10 years, 00 months and 00 days of service
  • Zone C is between 10 and 14 years, 00 months and 00 days of service
  • Zone E is between 18 and 20 years, 00 months and 00 days of service

The SRB is reviewed at Headquarters Air Force at least once per year.

SRB AFSC's Effective 1 February 2016

Review the list of current SRB AFSCs

SRB List Release Date Information

Once Air Staff formally announces a change it is sent to all the Military Personnel Sections (MPS). AFI 36-2606, Reenlistment in the United States Air Force, governs SRBs; the SRB listing is normally updated annually, however, Air Staff may determine the need to make changes during the year and release a listing upon that decision.

Additions, reductions, and terminations are effective as announced.

SRBs are calculated using one month's base pay, multiplied by the number of years reenlisted, multiplied by the SRB multiple as listed on the authorized SRB listing. NOTE: The Airman's base pay on the date of discharge is used to calculate the SRB. Therefore, if an Airman was promoted to SSgt on 1 May and reenlisted on 1 May, the SRB would be calculated on the base pay of SrA. The maximum SRB per zone is $90,000.

Airmen receive their SRB payment(s) (minus taxes) as outlined in the program guidance. Accelerated SRB payments are not authorized.

For more information about SRBs, Airmen should contact their MPS. For information about bonus amounts, they should contact their local finance office.

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