The Ultimate Feedback Guide

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The Ultimate Feedback Guide

CMSgt Chuck Frizzell has put together (along with his fellow Top 3 members and other SNCOs) this awesome collection of feedback tools for you to use. Please take a look at all the guides they have built. I can say with certainty I've used some of the these tools when developing my own airman.

  1. EES Timeline and Approach Checklist:  From day 1 to day 365, following this checklist will help all involved communicate and focus on building a better Airman.
  2. The Total Feedback Package:  This discusses the philosophy and thought process behind feedback
  3. Personal Biography:  Get to know your Airman better.  What drives him/her?  What type of person is he?  What does he think he does well or not so well?
  4. Career Development Guide:  What factors impact an Airman's career? Which factors are most important?
  5. Career Progression Guide:  How much effort does it take to be successful?  Where should your Airmen focus?
  6. Career Progression Planner:  What specific goals does your Airman have?  What does it take, and what is she doing, to reach them?
  7. Enlisted Evolution:  How do the different factors influence career development and progression?
  8. Performance Feedback Checklist:  What topics are not necessarily covered on the Airman Comprehensive Assessment that should be discussed?
  9. Airman Comprehensive Assessment Guide (AB - TSgt):  What goes into junior enlisted feedback?  How do junior enlisted better understand and relate to the ACA?
  10. AB - TSgt Comprehensive Airman Self-Assessment:  How does the Airman really think s/he's doing?
  11. Airman Comprehensive Assessment Guide (MSgt - CMSgt):  What goes into SNCO feedback?  How do SNCOs better understand and relate to the ACA?
  12. MSgt - SMSgt Comprehensive Airman Self-Assessment:  How does the SNCO really think s/he's doing?

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