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TSP Calculator

I received this great calculator from a SSgt. He put a lot of time into it and feels it would benefit the masses. His description of the calculator is below. Enjoy!

In the TSP Calculator tool there are 4 Tabs:
1. 12 Year Outlook (This can be customized to add years based on your


2. Outlook Graphs

3. Profit Calculator

4. Stock Quotes (Don't Touch)

1. In the 12 Year outlook all you need to fill out are the yellow
highlighted boxes, the rest will pre-populate. This tab already factors in a
1% payraise every year. In the "actual Balance" you can punch in your actual
balance at the end of each quarter. I would also recommend chaging the
"estimated Dividend Percentage" block every year to keep your chart honest,

it most likely will not be 20% all the time.

2. Outlook graphs, these graphs pull from the 12 year outlook tab to show

you a graph of how your actual profit is comparing to the estimated profit.

3. The Profit calculator is a tool that will tell you (with some
variability) how much money you will make in your TSP account for any given
day. All you have to fill out are the "Investment blocks" If you invest in
an "L" fund it will automatically divvie up the amount into the funds that
TSP puts them into. (you can find this infermation for your reference at the
TSP website.) Once you fill in the red blocks, the calulator will pull from
the "Stock Quotes" Tab and use an algorithm to calculate how much profit
your money has made, based on the points the market has gone up or down.
(Note: G fund, F Fund, and International fund are not calculated, This is
because the G Fund and the F Fund rarely make any kind of profit and are not
reliant upon the any specific stock, and the International doesn't work the

same way as the C and S fund.

At the bottom of the page the calculator will tell you how much profit

you've made for the day.

4. The stock quotes pull information directly from the internet to give you
the most up to date stock marker values. the S and the C fund are reliant
upon the DOW and the S&P 500. For point the DOW or the S&P moves, you make

or gain a fraction of a percentage of your money.


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